Managing Sites with Fetcher Services

To do anything with Fetcher beyond spinning up new sites, you'll need to run a Fetcher Server. A Fetcher Server is a Drupal site running the Fetcher Services module.

A Fetcher Server holds records of all your various Drupal projects so that you can build any of your projects using Fetcher. If you manage your projects with a Fetcher Server, everyone on your team can spin up or update a local copy of any of your projects with Drush Fetcher.

A company intranet is a good place to install Fetcher Services.

To connect to a Fetcher Server, configure your local drushrc.php file with these lines:

$options['fetcher']['info_fetcher.class'] = 'FetcherServices\InfoFetcher\FetcherServices';
$options['fetcher']['info_fetcher.config'] = array('host' => '');

drush fel (fetcher-list) will give you a list of all the sites it can get info on.

Now you can fetch sites with drush fetch.